Bank Guarantee

Trade Finance


If you:

  • Are concerned with working capital in your trade business
  • Want to minimize the payment / delivery risks, and maximize your cash management needs
  • Are looking for a trusted partner who can help you with secure, efficient & convenient for your trade transactions

……….Look for PhillipBank……..

PHILLIP BANK Plc provides a wide range of Trade Finance solutions for every type of business.

For Import Business:

  • Letter of Credit (LC): Improves your cash flow and help you establish brand-new trading relationships based on guaranteed payment
  • Shipping Guarantee (SG): Ensures that your business continues to run smoothly despite logistical problems that might be out of your control
  • Trust Receipt (TR): Gives you the flexibility to take advantage of business opportunities presented by suppliers
  • Inward Bills Collection (IBC): Protects your interest until your seller ships the goods to you

For Export Business:

  • Inward Letter of Credit (ILC): We help you act as your agent to facilitate documents collection and payments from your customers/buyers
  • Outward Bills Collections (OBC): Protects your interests until your buyers pay or promise to pay your invoices

For Bank Guarantee:

  • Provides full range of Bank Guarantee facilities including: Tender, Performance, Contract Guarantee, Credit Guarantee/ Supply Guarantee, Financial Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee

Features and benefits:

  • Simplified documentation & convenient process
  • Secured and timely means of payment & delivery
  • Convenient & effective trade financing solutions
  • Provides confidence to your business partners