Business & Strategies

Business & Strategy

Phillip Bank Plc is a full commercial bank that is licensed to offer all domestic and international banking services to its customers.  Whilst our customer segments include Small Medium Enterprises, Corporations, Professional firms and Individuals, we will also include the Non-profit segment such as NGOs, Churches and other Religious Organizations and Educational Institutions.


Mobile Banking will be the platforms that will be used to provide a new user experience. Leveraging on the strengths of PhillipCapital Group with its plethora of financial products, we will introduce products that will benefit the customers such as Wealth Management Products for its individual customers as well as Hedging products that will be needed by commodity traders. Structured trade products will also be introduced to assist businessmen who are involved in import and export business.


The bottom-line is that PhillipBank strives to add value to its customers in Cambodia by providing them with financial products that meet their needs and also to give them a delightful user experience. It will harness the financial resources in the Cambodia and channel them into productive use such that there will be sustainable economic growth and that the standards of living in the Kingdom of Cambodia will be enhanced.