At Phillip Bank Plc, we believe that forging a partnership is important for us to provide you with your essential banking needs be it individual or business transactions. As such our products are catered to suit both individuals and corporations.


Features and Benefits:

• Available in KHR and USD

• Earn an Interest rate of 1% per annum on daily end balance between USD 500.00 to USD 3,000.00 and 2% per annum based on the monthly average daily balance of above USD 3,000.00.

• Low service and maintenance charges.

• Monthly Statement free of charge

• Free ATM Card (Individual account only).

• Maximum cash withdrawal via ATM Normal Card is USD 1,000.00 and ATM VIP Card is USD 3,000.00 daily.


Prerequisites to open Auto Save Account:

• Minimum initial deposit of USD 3,000.00 for Individual & Company.

• Individuals (residents/non-residents) aged 18 and above.


T&C apply

Please note that the above interest rates are subject to changes at the Bank’s discretion.