Phillip Kids$ave Account

Kids$ave Account

Children are precious gems! This new innovative product is the first in Cambodia and is specially brought to you by PhillipBank.

Because we understand how much your children mean to you, we are pleased to offer this account especially for parents who want to place their money in a safe and secure bank for their future. With every deposit made, your young savers will have the benefit of a brighter and enriched future!


Features and Benefits:

• Available in KHR and USD

• Earn interest irrespective of account balance

• Low service and maintenance charges

• Interest is compounded daily and credited on a monthly basis

ATM Card will be issued to parent/guardian.


Prerequisites to open Kids$ave Account:

• Individuals (residents/non-residents) below 18 years old.

• Trust accounts will be opened for individuals 18 years old and below, in the parent’s/guardian’s name.


T&C apply

Please note that the above interest rates are subject to changes at the Bank’s discretion.