Term Deposit Plus

Term Deposit Plus+

Phillip Bank’s Term Deposit Plus+ is a Fixed Deposit with an associated life Insurance protection that provides coverage on the Life Assured in the event of any unexpected circumstances. The Insurance coverage will assist your intended loved ones financially should anything happen to the Life Assured. With peace of mind, this will help you grow your Savings as well as provide an additional insurance benefit at no extra cost to you as the Bank will cover the insurance premium payments.


Features and Benefits:

• Attractive interest rate

• Additional Insurance benefits up to USD20,000 on the Life Assured

• Life Insurance coverage will be based on the Fixed Deposit Principal amount (subject to a cap of USD20,000 per life Assured) at any one point in time.

• Pre-mature withdrawal is not allowed but the Bank will provide Overdraft Facility secured by the Fixed Deposit

• The insurance policy will expire/lapse at the maturity date of the Fixed Deposit period. Should the Fixed Deposit be renewed at maturity date, Life Assured can opt to have a new Insurance coverage based on the renewed Fixed Deposit amount/terms (subject to a cap of USD20,000 per Life Assured)


Prerequisites to open Term Deposit Plus+ :

• Individual Resident aged 18 – 60 years of age at the time of placement of Fixed Deposit (based on the existing Withholding Tax Requirement for Resident)

• Life Assured’s ID Card/Passport/Birth Certificate

• Work Permit and/or Letter of Employment (For Foreigner only – The applicant(Life Assured) must live and work in Cambodia for a minimum of 6 months)

• Proof of relation document between Life Assured and Beneficiary (Beneficiary MUST BE the Life Assured’s spouse, son, daughter, parents)


ActivityTerm Deposit Plus+
Minimum Deposit RequirementUSD 1,000
Deposit Period6 , 9 and 12 months
Interest RateFlexible
Pre-mature WithdrawalsProhibited / Not permitted
Medical Check-upNo medical check-up required
Life Insurance Premiums PayableFree of charge for Depositors as Phillip Bank will bear the Insurance Premium

TermInterest at Maturity
3 Months2.75%
6 Months3.50%
9 Months4.25%

Note: *Interest Rate Per Annual

T&C apply

Please note that the above interest rates are subject to changes at the Bank’s discretion.